VI JCEE Conference on Electronics Engineering
in the Campus of TARRASSA

November - December 2000


12h a 2h
7 a 9h 
13th – November

Telemanagement system for a public network of water provision (.PDF)

Jose Luis Romeral. ETSEIT (Image)

Active filter based on a trilevel converter (.PDF)

Manel Lamich EUETIT(Image)

Processing of images of flowed geophysical by means of eulerians vectorial fields (.PDF)

Vicenç Parisi EUETIT(Image)

Control from accesses to the R+D laboratory (.PDF)

Carles Jaén. EUETIT (Image)

20th – November
Quality in the electrical network. Like measuring it?(.PDF) 

 Josep Balcells  ETSEIT (Image)

Classification of three-phase regulators of intensity(.PDF)

Emiliano Aldabas. EUETIT(Image)

Disturbances lead in ondulators (.PDF)

David González. ETSEIT(Image)

Direct control of pair in induction motors (.PDF)

Antoni Arias.EUETIT(Image)

27th – November

Soundings of magnetic field for detection of EMC problems in PCB (.PDF)

David Gonzalez –Xavier Gago( Image)

Correction of codes applying neuronal networks (.PDF)

Lluis Ferrer  EUETIT(Image)

Electronic control of thermal motors applied to aeromodelling (.PDF)

Josep Mª Domingo – Lluis Ferrer EUETIT(Image)

System of vision by computer for industrial control (.PDF)

Montserrat Corbalan. EUPM (Image)

04th – December
Presentation of AENOR

Jaume Riu Director Delegación Barcelona (Image)

Writing guidelines for engineers(.PDF)

Marc Parisi. IES Jaume I

Evaluation of systems of biometrical recognition (.PDF)

Virginia Espinosa. EUP Mataró(Image)

The house power independent. Reality or utopia? (.PDF)

Joan Salaet EUPM (Image)

11th – December

Like buying commercial components. Present situation  (.PDF)

Jordi Mayné  SELCO(Image)

Compensation of reactive energy with static condensers by means of a hybrid switch cocking mechanism-tiristor.  (.PDF)

Salvador Alepuz. EUP Mataró (Image)

LGAI Technological Center, Center of EMC measurement  (.PDF)

Carlos Poyatos  LGAI (Image)

The future of the degree of electronic technical engineering (.PDF)
Rafael Pindado EUETIT

18th - 

Isolated systems of photovoltaic solar advantage of the network

Montserrat Mata ETSEIB (IMatge)
Control PID fuzzy tendint a control PWM(.PDF)
Lluis Ferrer EUETIT(Image)

Control LQR with integral action. Application to a rectifier boost of three levels(.PDF)

Josep Pou. EUETIT (Imatge)

Diffuse supervision of a speed regulator PID  (.PDF)

Mohamed Rashid..ChekkouriDEE Terrassa(Image)

The diploma of industrial management: a new experience to the UPC (.PDF)

Imma Martinez. EUPM (Image)


Closing in charge of the Delegate of the Director of the Campus of Terrassa.

 Joan Antó(Image)

At the end of each session time for a debate is anticipated