VII JCEE Conference on Electronics Engineering
in the Campus of TARRASSA

November - December 2001


Conference hall of the EUETIT, C/: Colom,1, Campus Terrassa


Session morning (From 12h to 2h) 

Session afternoon (From 19h to 21h) 

12th- November

New tendencies in microcontroller

Jordi Mayné,  AVNET Iberia

Motorization of low cost for wheelchair

Carles Jaén,  EUETIT

Three-phase regulators of hysteresis:

A perspective

Emiliano Aldabas,  EUETIT

Active filters. Introduction and applications

Manel Lamich,  EUETIT

19th- November

Currents of flight in electrical isolations: Causes and solutions

David González,  ETSEIT

Classification of the adaptive regulators

Mohamed Rashid Chekkouri,  EUETIT

Control of a induction motor without sensors

Jordi Català,  ETSEIT

The new television tendencies

M. López Palma,  Sharp Electrónica España

26th- November

Voice treatment applications

Marcos Faundez EUPMataró

Prevention of labor risks. The electrical risk

 Salvador Alepuz  EUPMataró

Last generation instruments for measurement of the quality of the provision in network


Josep Balcells ETSEIT

Multilevel converters. Introduction, problematic, and applications


Vicenç Sala EUETIT

03th - December

State of the art of digital picture


Virginia Espinosa EUPMataró

The paper of the engineer in the present company:

The passage of the theory to the practice


Xavier Pujol    Sony España, S.A.

The Center of Transference of Tecnologia (CTT) of the UPC


Ezequiel Puig CTT Terrassa

Server: The small automatization


Manuel Dominguez  ABB

10th - December

The research in the Section

Tarrassa-Manresa of DEE

Vicenç Sala i Esteban Maestre EUETIT

The services of the School officer  Industrials Technicians Engineers of Barcelona (CETIB)


Oriol Cisteró CETIB

Supervision and process control by means of movable telephony GSM


José Luis Romeral ETSEIT

Development of a single-phase active filter


José Mª Sánchez AFEISA

17th - December

Engineers technical lenguage



Josep Mª Torrents ETSETB

Adaptation of a Space Modulation Vector to a single-phase rectifier multilevel


Joan Salaet EUPM

The electronics applied to the automovil: Rear-view



Fusion of images by means of analysis multiresolution

Vicenç Parisi

PLL: Study and applications


Rafael Pindado EUETIT